I feel a change a comin’…

Its the only thing that’s constant, or so I’ve heard. Reaching this point hasn’t been easy and I swear I’ve been in a valley long enough, time to climb up the mountain till’ I reach my next peak.  Have you ever felt like that? Like it’s YOUR time..?

As I just downed a large bowl of vegetable soup and 3 pieces of cheese toast, I’m feeling my gut sitting a little further out than before. I haven’t gotten much exercise this year but I’ll kick into gear soon enough, I have been practicing my stomach vacuum though….sccchhllllllluuuuuppp (that’s the sound I make as I suck it in) Back to business..Since 2008 I’ve worked at the same place and aside from not being able to support myself the way I want to, I think I’m itching for a change. Interesting to see how this plays out with or without the Cortizone 10. Apart from my day job, which drags on into the evening sometimes, I am pursuing a true passion and dream of mine:making music. Even this, which I would do for free because its as second nature as breathing, needs to make me some big coints, chips, dollars, bills, checks, etc. Something great is bound to happen soon. Beyond strengthening my craft in music, possibly seeking a new work opportunity, and getting back in shape, I want to travel. See the world. Even if I have to do it by myself….I’ve also been on my positive thinking journey and I’m choosing to stay on it. Listening to my Florence Scovel Schinn, reading The Road Less Traveled, The Alchemist, drinking green tea, loving and growing my hair, and ultimately trying to practice peace.

I’m hoping to use this blog as an accountability partner, an ‘other people helper’, and a tool to help me to expand as a human..and not in a break the scale physical way..


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