Midnight Moonlight on WFMH

It’s SSSaaaturday night and you’re tuned into WFMH..where groove is the move and dim lights are the best types… you’re rockin’ with your host for the evening : Dr. Midnight Moonlight…  Tonight we have a special guest in the studio, Ms. Down and Out on Her Mama’s Couch…, let’s give her a round snapause.. she’s gonna give us a little poetry for the evening. You know something smooth..giving you that groove…

“I’m not sure I know myself right now, how I’m feeling, why the tears well up but don’t fall..And it can’t be you, because you don’t have that power over me…to loose myself, without you.”

“I just want my fire back. If I had that, the lonely wouldn’t feel so cold, and their arms would keep me warmer, for a time”

“Does your mind ever race? It’s a heavy feeling with day replays, the voices, the thoughts to yourself…   Silence.   I want to feel the nothingness of the frequency”

“I can’t do nothing, there’s always something”

“I’ve got secrets, and I can’t keep a man. Dirty little secrets. He may not understand. I am far enough to miss, close enough to kiss, but the loving….well, I’m not sure what that is….    It’s sad if you let it be.”

“Entering the water to wash myself. It all comes off but the scars. I do the best I can, bought an exfoliating towel/rag thing, but they’re not moving. -Time to learn”

Welp, that’s all folks. Thanks for tuning in to WFMH

-Midnight Moonlight


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