Someone’s Been Sleeping in Papa Bear’s Bed!”

Many of us have encountered them, at some point in life, that person who “can’t live without you”…. always scared the s*** outta me. Imagining them hanging off a cliff, standing on a ledge, leaning too far out a high story window, expressing their “love” for me. Not my scene.  Enter: Play Misty for Me. Man meets clinger woman, has sex, she becomes attached. Man just wants to be friends Clinger woman wants much more. Clinger woman hurts her self, him and almost everyone around him because she is obsessed. True love allows one to function independently of the other. Not wanting your partner to engage with or be around humans beside yourself, needing to know their every move, constantly checking their email/phone, feeling like your life is not worth living without them, is unhealthy. Realizing, finding, acknowledging and appreciating the value of you as an individual is essential before identifying yourself in relation to another. PS. : If someone IS sleeping in “papa bear’s” bed, lol,  chill out and leave him alone. playmisty


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