Defeating Goliath

I don’t know where to start. I heard that life is peaks and valleys and I’m on the crawl, just out of the valley towards some peak. The silence of this room (although there’s a lady smacking on something and I can hear drilling from the employees working on other cars while I’m waiting) reminds me of my life right now. Everything’s moving, I’m just still, watching it all. I set out a while ago to become a flight attendant. I got the job, quit mine and embarked upon a new phase of my life. I moved to Virginia and crashed with a lady and her baby….which could all have only been orchestrated by God. He always has a plan and works everything out when you follow His lead. By the way, that’s what I was doing with the whole quitting my old job thing…. After a month of the new gig my mother told me she had very recently been diagnosed with bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma). It doesn’t deserve to have so long a name… When I saw her after only 4 weeks of being away, she had lost a lot of weight and was jaundiced. She couldn’t hold food down and continued to lose weight while becoming weaker over the next 2 months. After repeated visits to the ER, fighting to get her doctor to act like she cared or had the brain to respond appropriately to my mother’s issues, having to demand service in the infusion clinic, attempting to obtain a second opinion, being admitted to icu, having been placed on life support, and having thankfully been able to come off life support on her birthday, my mother is currently in the hospital, recovering. There is too much of the story to tell but all I can say is that God is real and is a very present help in trouble. Although she has the cancer and there is a hole in her stomach, she is being healed. God would not bring her this far to leave her. I have had to remind her of that as well as remind myself. Psalms 34:19 says “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all” I know this to be true and I am believing and trusting for my mother’s healing. I have faced some giants in my life and I know my mother has too. For each giant though, God has eventually provided a sling shot, a stone, and perfect aim to obliterate it and allow me to look it over and compare how big I thought the issue was to how small it was for God. He deserves All Glory. I know that He is doing a great work in my mother, in Jesus’ name.
As for my flight attendanting, I’ve taken a leave of absence and applied and just interviewed with a larger airline (my original first choice). We shall see what God has in store.


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